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September 29, 2004

Re: Highlands Ability Battery

Dear Bob:

I am writing to express my thanks for your efforts reviewing and analyzing the results of the Highlands Ability Battery that I recently took. As you know, at that time I was contemplating a career change after more than 11 years at the same job. It was a time of uncertainty and some doubt for me and I was looking for both confirmation and insight as I contemplated my options.

The Battery helped me put both my abilities and weaknesses into perspective. But, more importantly, your insight into the results and your help interpreting them was invaluable. There are many tests and profiles available to individuals but what made this one most valuable for me was the fact that it came with the insight and background of a seasoned professional such as you.

Once again Bob, thanks for spending the time helping me better understand the results of the Battery and applying them to my life circumstances. I recommend the process heartily.


Ross A. Johnson