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We have a very spirited and talented 17 year old daughter, who has been lost and afraid of the world to come. Her whole life until she was 16 years old was structured around figure skating; practices, competitions and pressures. Prior to her junior year, she decided that she had fulfilled her skating career, and she should pursue a life outside of figure skating. She continued to asked questions like "what will I be good enough to do?"; " what are my strengths academically?"; "do I have good friends?"; and "what college will acceptme?". Many questions each day, compounded with a message directed to high school juniors "you need a strong academic and extracuricular performace because junior year is the year in high school that really counts." Our daughter questions herself at every juncture, and even though she knows what she likes to do, she is not sure how to choose a school and a direction to go forward.

Working with Bob Gazich and going through the TYP process with him was a valuable experience. It really highlighted her natural talents. The process made her aware and confimred the natural talents. She will always have these abilites: extrovert; working with people; helping people learn, grow, gain strength. The process showed her clearly that she has many gifts and choosing some career goals that match these gifts will benefit her both personally and professionally. One area that she has been interested in is personal training, athletic training and physical therapy / rehabilitation for athletes. She is involved in a mentorship for her entire senior year that will further help her to decide if this is something that she really wants to pursue.

Bob worked so well with her, showing her, her own "strengths" and "positives" and "natural gifts". Most people don't know what they want to do when they grow up, but if people knew their "natural gifts," they could make better choices when choosing a college, technical program, field of study or a job.

Jean and Mike Buller